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The twelve DBA rule of thumb.

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I found this excellent article in twitter, twelve rule of thumb for DBAs.


Good luck.

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Oaktable World 2013

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If you are a DBA and assisted the Oracle Open World 2013 and did not go the Oaktable World you really don’t know what you missed.  Basically it the conference inside the conference for those who really want to see advance stuff about Oracle.

If you plan to go next year to OWW 2014 don’t miss that conference, if it happens again (Hopefully it will).

For more info please visit Kyle Hailey’s blog.




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For those who don’t know, the patch set is available since the end of august for the following platforms: Linux, Solaris and and Windows. Look for Doc ID 1562139.1 in Oracle support to get the download links.

Happy Download.

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Becoming OCM

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Happy to announce that i just completed the first requisite for obtaining the 11g Oracle Certified Master tittle, the two additional advance courses:





What’s next? Practice, practice and more practice the exam topics. I will be posting the updates about the lab setup and my progress with all the topics.

Emmanuel Ulloa.



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Oracle database 12c OCP Upgrade Exam Topics

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For those that will take the upgrade exam 1z0-060 like me, here are the topics for this exam. Study, practice and get Certified.

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Script to stop/start multiples database with different homes

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Recently I faced a situation where i needed to start and shutdown every database in a server that host around 30 instances distributed in different oracle homes. This is a very time consuming task because you have to switch between homes and sids. I’m going to share with you two little scripts that solve the problem. Read more…

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How to manual upgrade from Oracle 9i R2 to 11g R2

July 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Some of you probably still have some Oracle databases running on version 9i R2, for those who wish to upgrade to version 11g R2 this article will show you how to do it manually.

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Oracle Database 12c released!!

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Oracle database 11g, Certified tunning Expert

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Last month I took a chance to take the test and passed. It Was a very hard test and the score as you may expect was not good hehehe!!  but got enough to pass.

Here is my new little id card:


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